Freestyle ADA Build

Building a ProCamp for Disability Accessibility

Sue & Rodney's Story

Sue and her husband Rodney were seeking a custom built van to assist in traveling across the country. Their main goal was to have a van with a wheelchair lift to assist Rodney in and out of the van, as well as having a private location to use a restroom without continuous entering and exiting of the vehicle. 

What is a Freestyle Procamp?

As the name suggests, ProCamp Freestyle gives you the flexibility to upfit your own camper van. The interior is framed and insulated with electrical pre-wired behind finished walls and a subfloor along the bottom. The rest is up to your imagination.
The Freestyle ProCamp is your base start and your imagination is your blueprint. Upfit the Freestyle to your needs and lifestyle. Whether  you use your Freestyle model for camping, travel, or leisure, ProCamp will help you along the entire process of taking your adventure on the road. From getting your Freestyle model ready to suggesting upfit companies and locations we will ensure you can build the recreational van of your dreams.


Why a ProCamp to travel?

With Sue's husband being in a wheelchair it was difficult for them to travel via an airplane. The ProCamp van offered a simple yet convenient solution to travel easier with the assistance of a chair lift located at the rear of the vehicle.

What items are in the van that were upfits?

Items on and or in the van that were personalized include solar panels on the roof in case of being stuck in traffic the customer can turn the vehicle off and still have power. Other upfits include larger and longer running boards for ease of access into the vehicle, a toilet with a privacy curtain, a wheelchair lift, and strip to attach luggage to while traveling.

Why was a ProMaster van chosen for the base?

A ProMaster was decided on over any other vehicle due to the ProMaster being much wider than other vehicles. Also when traveling it is easier to find a mechanic that can assist on a Dodge engine than per say a Mercedes.

How is this model different from other Procamp's?

This model is a custom build by a customer using ProCamp's Freestyle model option. The freestyle model option is a base shell with wall, floors, and electrical that you can take and personalize the way you'd like. This particular model was shaped and crafted to fit the need of someone who has ADA needs.


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