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The Van has arrived!

All the inner workings explained (I recorded, which I highly recommend, this came in handy later) and we were on the road by 1pm!
This past June my Husband Mike and I purchased a RAM ProMaster from Van Horn, not just for helping with our seasonal business of rentals and lessons for EOS Surf Shop, but to create a custom build of our own. After 100 hours logged by Mike of blogs, pages, videos, pictures and research we quickly realized that there are a trillion ways to build.
When we heard that Van Horn was launching their ProCamp camper van, we literally jumped at the opportunity to rent, so we could see for ourselves what we really needed to live in one for weeks on end and in multiple stay options before building out our own. I HIGHLY recommend doing this. Things we didn’t think we needed like the sink and the hydraulic bed, just lifts up and you have so much extra room, these quickly became an option for our future build out.
Quickly about us, Surfers, kiters, hikers, bikers and all around adventurers. Traveling great distances with all this gear is challenging and in some ways impossible! It’s all about the gear and getting it to a destination. The van provides us with the opportunity to do it all in multiple places. We started on what is a typical winter day in Wisconsin, 17 degrees and darn cold. We set out to try to at least get to Louisville, KY for a quick night stay at a rest stop in hopes to make it to Powhatan State Park in the mountains of Virginia. I have been begging for a night in the mountains for years. After stopping for the night, we quickly realized we didn’t switch the battery to be powered by the alternator while driving. So, just like all batteries in the cold, we opened the door and the battery, very sensitive to cold drained quickly and completely. Lesson learned… All part of the experience, right? Know your hook ups and read the manuals. They come in handy.

“We loved how ProCamp was so easy to utilize and get in and out of.”

The next morning we were up early to start our journey to Indian Mound State Park, TN. With Tennessee still only 22 degrees, we kept going to get to the Blue Ridge Mountain Way. Absolutely spectacular! Got a site at Powhatan Lake, plugged in so we could heat up the van, and ventured out for a great trail around a beautiful lake and off to find a hot shower. Early morning coffee and breakfast cooked on the ol’ Coleman in the van and we were off to South Carolina to Folly Beach State Park. After we arrived so did the fog, so out of the van to stretch our legs and walk a few miles on a beautiful beach, we hopped back in and headed to Edisto Beach, SC. If you have never been, I suggest hopping in this van and going now! Two state parks are both great. Edisto beach and Live Oaks which is the only one with great late night check ins for us van lifers who have no real plan before 5pm. Large looming oaks with moss hanging, hundreds of Cardinals flying around, great trails and finally some palm trees. We loved cooking dinner outside at night, keeping the doors open and just seeing the stars. So nice not to get somewhere late and not have to set up camp! The extra fold out bed was perfect when one of us wanted to read or watch something on our phones so the other wasn’t disturbed or sprawl out during a rainstorm and play some cards. After two nights, we saw a storm front coming, so we set off to Jacksonville, Florida!
Cooking and cleaning is a breeze, so much room to prep meals, the power bank held up great while using the fridge, lights and powered bed lift. The next day, we set out to Huguenot State park, where we were able to drive up to the beach to get in a little surf session. Just like that, from 81 degrees to 54 degrees and 30 mile per hour winds gave Mike that kiteboarding day he’s been itching to get. We figured since we brought all the gear, we better use it! Next stop, Kathryn Abbey State Park. We hopped out of the van to great trails and the best surf seen in weeks. Small, but out a few hours. The greatest part of the van was watching the weather and just deciding when to go. We drove toward St Augustine and stayed the night again off grid in an Inlet park. These are my favorites. Pulling up all alone, taking in the scenery and really using the van as our little vacation getaway. Climbing up on the roof deck and watching the sun rise is priceless. The next and last few days in Florida were much like the rest. Pulling into different parks and enjoying the fun in the sun. It was time for me to get back to work, so I packed up a small backpack and sadly left this great adventure and flew home where the arctic weather of Wisconsin waited. Mike continued his solo journey to Jetty Park for some off-grid sleeps and kite sessions.
Then Titusville, where he parked the van and hopped on our friends’ sailboat through the InterCoastal Waterway. After a fun, sun, wind and waves of the exciting sail it was back home for Mike. The long journey home had to be quicker than expected to beat an impending storm coming across the whole US. Searching for the best plan for warm weather, his last stop was an off-grid spot in Georgia. After a long 15-hour straight drive, he was home at last and memories of the great adventure with us both. We just can’t wait until we go again! ProCamp provided the opportunity for us to live our best van life by following where the road and weather lead us. Thank you Van Horn and builders!

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