Photographer's Journey

Adventuring the Oregon Pacific West Coast

Photography, Dogs, Beautiful Scenery...

From Wisconsin to the Oregon Coast, this was the destination for my partner Hannah and me to journey out and break up the monotonous routine from our day-to-day life. With our four dogs and cat, we packed up the ProCamp and ventured out to embrace the beautiful experiences that we were about to share together.
We traveled through the mountains of Glacier Park in Montana and along the mountainsides of the North Cascades in Washington as we made our way to Seaside, Oregon where we set up to enjoy the wonders of van life. As a landscape and wildlife photographer, this was an opportunity for me to capture and share all of nature’s wonders through my photography all while being mobile and efficient as the mood of the landscapes are ever changing.
My partner and I both share a deep passion and love for the Pacific Northwest, so choosing this region as our travel destination was easy. However, like any of our past adventures and road trips, we wanted to bring our furry companions along with us. Our obstacle we learned while planning our trip, since our last cross-country road trip, our fur family grew to five. Our largest hurdle for our trip was making things comfortable for all dogs, cat, and ourselves. With over 5,000 miles traveled in 11 days ProCamp was there for all of our travel needs.
ProCamp gave us an on the road home base where we were able to escape from the elements, but also rest and sleep comfortably. With some organization, I was also able to use features of the ProCamp as an on the road workspace for when I wanted to edit any photographs or videos that I captured along the way. The spacious setup and unique layout was helpful to keep organized. ProCamp made this trip possible, thanks Van Horn!

“ProCamp exceeded our expectations with making this trip 
comfortable and memorable.”

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